Main Features

Automated temperature measurement: Automatic and autonomous body temperature measurement to prevent infections

Mask recognition: Measurement is guaranteed even if a mask is dressed

Smart alert system: If necessary, the system can alarm if a mask is required and is not dressed

Fast facial recognition: 0.5s for facial recognition

Access monitoring: The system can track and monitor every access to the interested area

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Product: ML-VIR

No-contact infrared temperature measurement door

The door can measure body temperature using an infrared sensor that produces an alarm if the value is over the threshold. The door is designed to support pacemaker owners, pregnant women, etc. The device can measure body temperature with a 0.2° tolerance from a distance between 0.5mt and 1mt. When the device is active, it will show the read value on a on-board display.
USE CASES: Airports, Train stations, Maritime stations, Large-scale activity sites, Public places, Offices

Product: ML-TAB

Infrared body temperature measurement device with face recognition

Access control with IC card reader

The device can do body temperature measurement through an infrared camera. It can be integrated with contactless tags (NFC, RFID) to request, in case of issues, an addition identification. The device can be integrated with pre-existing turnstiles that can be opened with the device’s output signal.
The management software shipped with the device can control locally or remotely accesses to the place of interest and if requested, it can be used also as badging system.
USE CASES: Airports, Train stations, Maritime stations, Large-scale activity sites, Public places, Offices

Management Software


The management software on the device can track data related to body temperature measurement and subject identification.


The software can give the user a real-time monitoring situation of the day or, more generally, about a period of time chosen by the user.

Management System

If requested, software can track employees data (if installation is done in a company) and manage an employee’s timesheet.
Collected data can be integrated in other software (for example, ERP)

Tax Credit

In order to encourage the purchase of equipment aimed at avoiding the contagion of the COVID-19 virus in the workplace, the tax credit referred to in article 64 of the decree-law of 17 March 2020, no. 18, is applied according to the measures and within the overall spending limits provided for therein, also for the expenses incurred in the year 2020 for the purchase of personal protective equipment and other safety devices designed to protect workers from accidental exposure to agents biological and to guarantee the interpersonal safety distance.




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