Who we are

Maylab is an innovative StartUp company. It came out from the merging of entrepreneurial experience and the ability of innovate and renew.

Human Design

Data Driver

What we do

Analyze business needs

moving translating criticities to new ideas

Value data

through fresh technologies to help our customers creating business value


smart and user-centered solutions. Our client is an active and central part of the design process


Data Analysis & BI

We provide data analysis, transformation and presentation services using the latest generation tools and technologies.


System Integration

We create solutions that interconnect systems. We build the foundations for a unique, simple and integrated communication.



Automated temperature measurement: Automatic and autonomous body temperature measurement to prevent infections

Mask recognition: Measurement is guaranteed even if a mask is dressed

Smart alert system: If necessary, the system can alarm if a mask is required and is not dressed

Fast facial recognition: 0.5s for facial recognition

Access monitoring: The system can track and monitor every access to the interested area

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DashBot for SAP Business One

With DashBot for SAP Business One you can have on hand everything you need about your business. What is a BOT? BOT is the abbreviation of (Ro)BOT, a digital entity that performs specific tasks using same human ways to communicate. You ask, the BOT answer! With DashBot for SAP Business One you can ask a BOT to give you data about your sales, etc. It is easy to use, fast and secure. DashBot for SAP Business One is based on Telegram and uses the MTProto2 protocol. Your data are end-to-end encrypted.

One hand cannot clap alone

Our goal is to innovate, together. Discover the open positions and join our team!



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